Tea Packaging

Our tea packaging is in different quantities according to our customers' requirements. These include tea in bulk, tea packets and tea bags.

  Tea in Bulk

We export the following types of tea in bulk:

Blended tea are packed in TPI bags of between 4Kgs - 60Kgs. Black tea straightlines are packed in TPI bags/poly-proplyne bags of between 50Kgs - 70Kgs. We would also be pleased to pack according to your specific requirements on request.

  Tea Packets

Lutex limited supports Black tea as company brands and as Buyer's choice in different varieties packed in elegant cartons and poly bags, of between 20gms - 450gms, to the required standards.

After packaging, the packs are stored under hygienic conditions supervised by our quality control in the warehouse awaiting exports.

The tea packets are available according to Buyers' individual tastes and brand names, while the company's core brand Fresh Home tea is a popular brand and is in high demand by our clients.

  Tea Bags

The blending for tea bags is done entirely by machines, maintaining the highest standard of hygiene. The tea is then transferred to the bagging machines for packaging.

Tea can also be shipped under the Buyer's own brand. We have a dedicated department to handle new products development.