1.   What is CFR, CIF, FOB and the prices?

    Generally, CRF, CIF and FOB are International Commercial Terms of trade, or simply Incoterm rules, for sea and inland water transport that are published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and that are widely used in international transactions.

    CFR (Cost and Freight) - this is a term of trade where the seller must pay the cost and freight to bring the goods to the port of destination. However, the risk is transfered to the buyer once the goods are loaded on the vessel. This term of trade was formaly known as CNF (C&F).

    CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) - this term of trade is exactly the same as CFR except that the seller must in addition procure and pay for the Insurance.

    FOB (Free on Board) - this is a term of trade where the seller must clear the goods for export and load themselves the goods on board the vessel nominated by the buyer. Cost and risk is divided when the goods are actually on board of the vessel.

    The prices associated with CFR, CIF, and FOB are different due to different allocation of the responsibilities involved as explained above.

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  2.   What is the shipping schedule?

    Generally, the shipping schedule is on a weekly basis. The delivery time is within three weeks.

  3.   What are the market trends?

    On request, you could get updates on the market trends posted directly to your e-mail address. You can make inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  4.   What is the transit time?

    This is dictated by the type of shipment, i.e. direct or transhipment, and the destination. However, we do advice our clients of transit time vessels depart from our port.

  5.   How can I get more help?

    To get more help, simply contact us directly using any of our contact details at the footer of our website or send us an email using the contact form available on the contact us page. When you contact us, please specify how you would like us to help you and we'll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.